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As commercialization efforts evolve in these unprecedented times, this event will explore how life science organizations are leading digital transformations and adapting omnichannel marketing strategies, and how non-traditional players and pharma can partner to provide additional value to customers.

Each day will be dedicated to addressing the unique challenges digital marketers face on a regional and global level, as well as examining how digital health tools can improve engagement with physicians and patients in new ways.

Event Highlights
  • Build an attribution model for analytics and ROI understanding which touchpoints are leading up to actual dollars
  • Transition from analytics to data science: discern true customer insights into behavior to be able to take predictive measures and incorporate tools
  • Develop and implement an omnichannel strategy and vision for HCP, patient, payer, and medical non-face-to-face customer touchpoints
  • Analyze the future in patient engagement, patient support programs and attaching the revenue side of it
  • Investing in digital innovation - jumpstart your disruption journey and understand how to commercialize digital health
  • Learn how best to leverage digital tools to enhance the commercial model of health and pharma

Dates: July 13 - July 15, 2020
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